Watchya guys doing this friday? <3
reachinginsanity: i love this blog. you guys dont just post awesome shit but you have really chill personalities:3

thanks man! it means a lot<3

Anonymous: where you gooooo?

all three of us were kinda goin’ through some hard shit that was way over our maturity levels so we didn’t really have time to blog. but we started missing this blog a lot and I think now we’re having a come back!

surrenderhope: Yess, do stoner problems again!

I think we shall!

Hey guys! should we start doing Stoner problems again? We’ve missed you guys!

So, we all kinda stopped posting on this blog and I deeply apologize for that. We got caught up in the summer by partying and doing drugs, and then when school started again we all had to focus on our work at hand. But I think we’re gonna try and post more on here! yayyyyy.
      stay faded .

its4-20s0mewhere: I do not believe buying marijuana is a waste of money

When is it ever?